Angel Pittman Burnett           


Angel Pittman Burnett is my “baby cousin”.  She was my flower girl and was so precious, requesting the wedding cake promised to her as we encouraged her to proceed down the aisle before “la bride”, me.  Aunt Dottie reassured her of the cake and then insisted a little more firmly to her beautiful two year old daughter that it was “time to walk down the aisle and scatter the flower petals”.  Again, Angel asked for her “promised reward”.  You see, we had already taken many wedding party pictures prior to the ceremony.  Little Angel thought we had already had the wedding!  Angel had indeed walked down the aisle as we gathered to pose for group pictures earlier in the day.  To Angel, “that” was the wedding and according to her schedule, it was now time for the cake her mommy had promised! She simply didn’t understand and began crying.  I realized she was not going to walk down that aisle. Nothing would budge those precious little feet.  I remember how my heart felt so compelled to bend down and scoop her up and just carry her with me!  I had a mental picture of how I might look, attempting to carry both Angel and my bridal bouquet while holding my Daddy’s arm and “gracefully” walking down the aisle to my handsome groom. I feared that our trio wouldn’t look very graceful. Angel’s “halo” was noticeably wobbling as the volume of her unhappiness and crying increased, so it occurred to me that we might be “a little loud”. She was not a happy camper.  I was afraid to try it, but I was so tempted to scoop her up and take her with me.  With all of my heart, it’s what I wanted to do.  Now, thirty years later, with all of my heart I wish I could carry my little cousin, more than ever before.


On January 4, 2007, at the young age of 32, Angel was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She recently underwent double mastectomy and will soon begin chemotherapy, followed by radiation and reconstruction.  Angel & Johnny have three precious children: ages 20 months, 4 years, and 6 years.  Angel’s top priority is her children (and Johnny, of course). With three little ones requiring so much of her energy and time, I can’t imagine the overwhelming profoundness she would feel concerning the assignment that is before her.  As a 3 year breast cancer survivor myself, I am deeply touched and inspired as I witness this quiet strength that is most evident in my “little cousin” of 32 years.  From the onset of her diagnosis, it has been obvious to me that Angel is keenly aware of the living testimony being communicated from within her as she is required to “walk this way”.  As Angel endures and perseveres, she radiates a quiet strength, a sincere peace, a strong faith, a special joy, and an incredible sense of humor; all of which are enabled and shared with us because of her complete trust in God, her Heavenly Father.  She is a reflection of Jesus Christ, who lives in her heart and is using Angel to encourage others who might one day journey this battle…or any battle.  We all have our adversities and Angel is certainly communicating by her actions and words that God is the necessary source one must have to prevail.  I’m so proud of my “little cousin” who is walking “this aisle” with such grace.  As I long, once again, to scoop her into my arms and carry her, I sadly realize that my ability to do so is now even more limited.  There is far too much of this “walk” that only Angel can do, but I endeavor to help her all that I can and I’m trusting God to do the rest.  Please join me in praying for Angel’s complete healing and also in praying for her, Johnny, and their precious children as they journey this breast cancer battle together.  She is so very special to me and to all who are blessed to know her.  My little flower girl is scattering the most precious petals ever as she reflects a heart like Jesus amidst her fear, pain, and heartache.  I’m so proud of her and very blessed to know a real earth Angel.  


- On October 16, 2009, Angel went to Heaven to live with Jesus for all Eternity.


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